Shenandoah pa abandoned

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Shenandoah pa abandoned

JW Cooper School

If you wish to visit an abandoned place, for your safety, please reach out to the property owners to gain access. As you make your way across Pennsylvania, you start to see more and more rural areas and small towns. A good portion of those small towns may seem like ghost towns, but I assure you citizens live there.

A dozen of these towns were coal mining towns, and after the demand dried up, the towns did too. Some towns managed to thrive in the aftermath, while others seem stuck in the past with no way of getting out.

Tucked between the towns of Tamaqua and Centralia is a little town known as Shenandoah. With a population of about 5, people, Shenandoah is a town that features both run down parts and potential to thrive in others.

An interesting spectacle to see. Shenandoah is a quiet town, but like any town, probably has much to offer. My reason for being here was for J. Cooper School, which to me is plenty to offer.

The owner, Kent, is trying to restore the school into a community center, which he has already made great strides in doing so. From the inside it might not seem that way, but from the outside the structure still holds.

The school for me was like Eastern State Penitentiary, a great place to roam around and capture amazing photos. The school has everything from classrooms, gym, auditorium, basement, pool, and offices. Sadly no cafeteria, for my guess that was torn down, but I am unsure. Cooper School has a history, from being built in to being used as a hospital and morgue, the building would then become a school until Nothing too scary about the school, thrill seekers should seek elsewhere.

However, if you wish to visit the school with permission from the owner, do so by visiting the address below. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Abandoned Centralia

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Post to Cancel.Press F11 on your keyboard to enhance your viewing experience - press F11 to return your screen to normal. Or if you are on a Mac, please enable your web browser full-screen option. The auditorium of the abandoned J.

Cooper School in Shenandoah, PA. If you enjoy Abandoned America please consider signing up for our mailing list or supporting us on Patreon! If you enjoy Abandoned America, support us on Patreoncheck out the book series and follow on TwitterInstagramor Facebook. Please note: The slide show may take a few seconds to load. You can return to the JW Cooper School portfolio here.

Cooper School in Shenandoah, PA Updated December 10, By Matthew Christopher Quoted from Preservation PA's newsletter: "Originally scheduled to open inthe 3-story stone school building located at the intersection of North White and East Lloyd Streets in the center of the Borough of Shenandoah, was commandeered and used as a temporary hospital and morgue during the flu epidemic ofwhen the local hospital was unable to accommodate the large number of victims.

In May the building was dedicated as the "new Shenandoah High School". It was later renamed the J. Cooper High School in memory of the school's first principal.

shenandoah pa abandoned

The school remained in use until when it was replaced with a new facility. Tens of thousands of Shenandoans were educated within the walls of the Cooper High School and the school holds a significant place in the history and culture of the community. Cooper Center seemed all but certain. Surprisingly, it has been purchased by a dedicated individual who has a vision of turning the building into a community center. Though the costs in restoring the building are high, owner Kent Steinmetz has made significant progress in restoring the front sections of the building through hard work and enlisting the aid of the surrounding community.

The success of the project would mean not only a significant victory in revitalizing downtown Shenandoah, but also would serve as an example that there is no excuse not to restore historic properties and that given the opportunity, citizens will rally to support efforts to save sites that are a part of their heritage.

The fight is far from over, and donations of time and labor are very much appreciated and necessary if the vision of the community center is to be realized. To view more of this site click on an image in the gallery below; use arrow keys to navigate.The wreckage of a remote plane crash. An old carbide gas reservoir. A vanished gristmill. And lots of forgotten family burial plots. I had occasion recently to connect with Eisenfeld, a Virginia-based writer, hiker and naturalist, and author of the forthcoming book Shenandoah: A Story of Conservation and Betrayal University of Nebraska Presswhich will hit shelves in early Shenandoah National Park is a trove of disappearing history.

Although the soft peaks and forested hollows are enjoyed by many for their natural beauty, Shenandoah is not the untouched sanctuary some suppose it to be. Remnants of the vanished communities in Shenandoah National Park. Images courtesy Sue Eisenfeld. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

6 Haunted ANd Abandoned Places Near Philly For The Explorers

Email Address. Abandoned Country. Skip to content. Home About. Ruins of the Pocosin Mission, Shenandoah National Park I had occasion recently to connect with Eisenfeld, a Virginia-based writer, hiker and naturalist, and author of the forthcoming book Shenandoah: A Story of Conservation and Betrayal University of Nebraska Presswhich will hit shelves in early He is writing a book on places of historic value that have been forgotten and are being reclaimed by nature. Abandoned Country is a companion blog to that project.

shenandoah pa abandoned

You can contact him at benswenson cox. This entry was posted in CemeteriesGhost towns.

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Bookmark the permalink. Search for:. Proudly powered by WordPress. Weaver by WeaverTheme.Upper Sagon is up the hill on the mountain behind Kulpmont.

Upper Sagon is also known as Hickory Ridge. Sailor's Hill : a former name for McAdoo St.

shenandoah pa abandoned

Nicholas : between Shendo and Mockanoy City. Two houses remain, plus the church. Also known as Suffolk. Schellhammersville : south of Tamaqua, outside or inside? New Ringgold. Schuylkill Park : Original name for Dream City.

Schoentown : pronounced "Shane-town" just north of Port Carbon. Scotch Hill : See Youngstown. Up the hill from Parsons, behind the Calvin School. Consisted of about 12 houses. All were demolished for highway construction sometime around The Mineral Spring Colliery was in this area. Scranton Patch was located at the base of Slaba's Hillperhaps to the east.

May also be known as "Evans Patch". Seek : the capital of Coaldale. Known as "Gary Town" in the 's. Seltzer City : between Pottsville and Minersville. Recently renamed by the state to "Seltzer". Shanty Upper and Lower : victims of the Centralia minefire. Collectively known as "the Shanties", and also known as Byrnesville. A lone garage and a grotto of the Virgin Mary are all that remain.

To the left of Arnot's Addition. Sheatown : a little area west of the center of Nanticoke Shenandoah Junction : somewhere in or around Shenandoah. Anyone know where this patch is or was? Sheppton : just south of Hazleton; for some reason, people from Hazleton refer to Sheppton as "Sheppton by Oneida ".

See also Sheppton Mine Cave-In. Sheridan : west of Tower City on Rte Continue out Water St. This town no longer exists.

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Only one house left in Sin City. This patch got its name from the coverings that were used as windows in the shacks. The coverings were made of goat skin and gave off a terrible smell, especially during the summer months.Built with a tower, chapel, and chandelier in every room, this place was ornate. Abandoned Frank lloyd Wright house in Wisconsin cant say anything else than that due to so much vandalizing. Here is a barn on an old abandoned property I shot last week with the current property owners consent!

It was restored, sort of, really it's a new house but keeping the look of the front the same. They really didn't have any choice, is was so far gone. Still glad they kept the look. Just shows how crazy the Bay Area real estate prices are. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? Sign Up. Abandoned Homes America Public group. Join group settings More. Susan Merren shared a post. Boughner 2 hrs. Sarah Zick 2 hrs. Dalton Wade 5 hrs.

Thank you for letting me join the group, appreciate it! David Dewayne Resh Sr. Cozy looking little abandoned log cabin in the woods Ron Gutzman shared a link. Not historic, but abandoned. Looking for an Investement opportunity? Thinking about Vacation Rentals, or maybe looking to build your own little community, Each Building i David Nali shared a photo. Abandoned Places Yesterday at Would you want to explore this house??

Sarah Zick 1 hr. Old church in Gary Indiana, info in comments. Sandra Ayer 22 hrs.

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Brandy Apple shared a post.Each year hundreds of people visit Centralia Pennsylvania. Many of them are coming to see what is left of the town. Others are there to view the steam generated by the mine fire. Still others are hoping to explore abandoned buildings and structures. For the last group of visitors, mild disappointment awaits. Most of the homes and businesses in Centralia were torn down long ago.

The majority of the residents began leaving in After they sold their homes to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the structures were demolished and the ground leveled. Trees, shrubs, and flowers were planted. Today, Centralia PA is more like an overgrown park than a ghost town.

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However, if you look hard enough, you can find a few decaying structures and many tantalizing remnants of the town that once was. Keep in mine that if you are planning to visit Centralia, most of the homes that are still standing are occupied. Please be respectful of those residents who have chosen to remain in the town. Outside an abandoned trailer in Centralia PA. Inside an abandoned trailer in Centralia Pennsylvania.

Centralia is full of abandoned streets and curbs. An abandoned lot with a decaying wall in Centralia PA. Abandoned house in Centralia PA. Inside an abandoned home in Centralia Pennsylvania. Inside an abandoned home in Centralia PA. Coal miner wash house along Route 61 near Centralia in This was later torn down. Tags: abandoned Centralia Pennsylvania ghost town photos.The Bucks County and Warminster planning commission agreed last week to officially identify Shenendoah Woods as a blighted area and certified the former military housing neighborhood to the Bucks County Redevelopment Authority BCRDA as a redevelopment area.

The decision came following review of evidence that Shenandoah Woods met several of the criteria necessary to earn the blighted label, including inadequate planning of the area, faulty street and lot layout and economically or socially undesirable land use.

Warminster Township solicitor Michael Savona described the designation as the first of many steps toward redeveloping the vacated residential units into a new neighborhood with single and twin homes. Photos of the now vacant Shenandoah Woods homes showed that the Navy had removed the plumbing fixtures, making the houses uninhabitable. The empty neighborhood provides little opportunity for tax revenue, the BCRDA's report states, making it an economic and social liability.

Since the announcement of that base's closure, the Horsham Land Reuse Authority HLRA has been working with Warminster and Ivyland to submit a redevelopment plan to the federal government.

On the second attempt, the Department of Housing and Urban Development a plan that properly met considerations for the homeless community, a requirement for the sale of military property. The Bucks County Housing Group will take possession of six homes in Ivyland that will be demolished and replaced by its administration headquarters. Nearby Places.

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