Kittel pigeon pedigree

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Kittel pigeon pedigree

Some elite Bulck bloodlines for you here at rock bottom prices. The 2 YB for sale are 20A and 20A Father of the pigeons for sale is. He's stunning in every way and he has a most envious pedigree. He fits the bill perfectly as not only are both of his parents superstars in their own right, but of course "KITTEL" has a Heremans-Ceusters influence in his ancestry which means he'll blend in perfectly with an array of hens at Central Lofts.

He's only 2 years old. Her offspring include. Her breeding is sublime to say the least. Her father is the rising star. Winner of. Winner of 11 prizes from 13 races. The Gwent Greater Distance Club are holding a much needed fundraiser and they would like to thank all donors for their generosity in supporting their cause.

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Within the me Place Bid. Minimum Bid: GBP Wish List Share. Seller Info Elimar6 Registered Since The listing has not been sold. GBP Our website uses cookies. By continuing, you consent to the use of cookies on your device, unless you have disabled them from your browser. I Understand.Easy to view and maintain a pedigree with pictures. Import certified results data from MyPigeons. Live is a cloud-based online pedigree application from BENZING allowing you the possibility to view and maintain pigeons and pedigrees from anywhere, including your tablet and smartphone.

It is very user friendly with a neat User Interface making pigeon pedigree management a simple task for all. In conjunction with MyPigeons.

kittel pigeon pedigree

Live, you are able to import accurate certified race results into your pedigrees. Live also includes lots of additional functionality to make the management of your pigeons so easy. LIVE helps you to manage your pigeons and loft with ease. The pedigree function allows for a quick and easy way to add and maintain individual pigeon records. You can also add various details while editing the pigeon, like Name, Breeder, Strain as well as pictures even with your smartphone while you are in your loft.

Live also allows you to view several pigeons at the same time with either a tiled or list view, all contained within a neat user interface. You can pair up pigeons and record various details about the mating, record notes and even assign a pair to a nest box. With a simple button press you can add offspring to the mated pair. You also have the option to view progeny produced by the pair or individually from the selected Sire or Dam.

Various reports will be available including the ability to produce a Vaccination certificate showing which birds have been vaccinated and detailing the vaccine used.

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Live allows for the importing of external data like MyPigeons. Live, allowing certified and authentic results to be displayed in the pedigree data. It also supports data import into Pedigree. Live from a few selected pedigree programs currently used worldwide.

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Live currently has the ability to display two levels of pedigree 3rd or 4th generation as well as the option to highlight selected boxes in a chosen colour. You also have the option to preview the pedigree before printing. Live will also introduce additional templates with future releases to suit the fanciers needs. Diese Webseite verwendet Cookies. Ich stimme der Verwendung von Cookies zu.

2 x 2020 YB from Direct Son of “BLACKPOOL KITTEL” x G-Daughter of “GOEDE RODE”

Auch wenn ich diese Website weiter nutze, gilt dies als Zustimmung. Informationen zum Umgang mit personenbezogenen Daten wie z. Manage your pigeons and lofts with ease. Online pedigree application. Tablet and smartphone support.Today the pigeons are released in Niergnies km We have basketed 90 pigeons of which 65 from Lotte and 25 from Hans and Evert Jan. Today is the second post-season race from Quievrain km. We have basketed pigeons, 55 from Hans and Evert Jan and 84 from Lotte.

Today the old pigeons are released in Vierzon km for the last race for the old pigeons. We have basketed 49 pigeons, 29 of them from Hans and Evert Jan and 20 from Lotte. Today the first race with the youngsters is being held.

The first few times the old pigeons are released together with the young pigeons.

kittel pigeon pedigree

It will be very exciting to see how the young pigeons come home for the first time. Today there are two races of which Quievrain km is the first. We have basketed 35 pigeons from the loft of Hans and Evert Jan and 18 from the loft of Lotte. The pigeons come from Morlincourt km today for the first middle distance race. We basketed a total of pigeons, Hans and Evert Jan 80 and Lotte The Islamabad Racing Pigeon Club organized their final race from Ghotki km in which a new record was set as this was the longest race ever to be held in Pakistan.

The unique formula, with monthly opportunities for pigeon fanciers with many and few pigeons, can look forward to an immense popularity. The Gouden Duif title is unquestionably one of the most prestigious in the pigeon sport.

Super hen NL "Jelika" won the following titles: "Jelika" is a hen in which the van Loon blood flows through the veins, supplemented with some Janssen blood through the father. Het product is niet aan je winkelmandje toegevoegd. Bekijk de inhoud van je winkelmandje.

For sale. Ace Long Distance Romania 1. Ace Youngbirds Romania 2. Ace The Netherlands 'Allerbeste' 1. Soissons 5, pigeons 1. Abda 5, pigeons 1. Tabor 2, pigeons 1. Quievrain 1, pigeons 1.Sire; Belg Franz Beckenbauer.

kittel pigeon pedigree

Direct Stefaan Lambrecht. Bred down from the foundation breeders. Grandson of. Dirk Leo Dirk van den Bulck. Son of Donkere Leo. Donkere Leo grandsire of. Stefanie winner of. Fastest from 38, birds. Fastest from 13, birds. Donkere Leo is a grandson legendary Olympiade Parents to so many toppers including. Golden Leo Best ever sprint pigeon in KBDB history. Winner of 15 x 1 st Prizes.

Dam; Belg Zuster Kleine Dirk. Zuster Kleine Dirk is a g.

From a Grandson of Kittel and paired to the best of Rudy van Reeth

Nieuwe Rossi x Eenoogske Leo Heremans. Winner of. Super breeder for Karel Laenen. Sire of. Grandsire of. Den Tornado winner of. Half sister to Olympic Bolt. Half sister to. Granddam of. Sire is a half brother to top Eijerkamp racer.

Usain winner of. Half brother to Usain successful racer for Eijerkamp. Van Den Bulck. Half brother to the famous Kittel son of.Sire Belgium blue cock the 2 grand cock what a cracking cock he is at 5 years old breeder of dynasty of winners paired to different hens.

He is bred from a son of the famous kittel the best racing breeding cock in Europe when kittel was paired to a full sister of the famous bolt. The dam of the 2 grand cock is de schone late a super breeder from the Rudy van reeth breeding dynasty including the famous pitbull Full of champions in the sire.

kittel pigeon pedigree

Dam Belgium this hen is karel laenen lines responsible for the famous Pitbull she is breeder of winners with the 2 grand cock.

She is a granddaughter of the champion noyan for johan de belser. Place Bid. Minimum Bid: GBP Buy Out for GBP GBP Wish List Share. Seller Info Billythekid 4 Registered Since Bids Sales No bids posted. The listing has not been sold. Description believed to be a hen here we have a cracking blue young bird from the best of up to date breeding which have cost a small fortune to obtain. No listings found. Our website uses cookies. By continuing, you consent to the use of cookies on your device, unless you have disabled them from your browser.

I Understand.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Pigeon Pedigree is an app where you can have your all racing pigeons details and pedigree for quick access. You will see a radio button "Your Pigeon?

Search: you can search your own pigeon by ring number here. Show All Your Pigeon : Here you will see all of the lists of your entered pigeon. Show All Background Pigeon : Here you can see and manage all of the pigeons that are not yours but is in your pedigree. Credits: Here you will find the details about the developer. Cross Match Pigeon Data: by clicking this button all of the pigeons you enter will reconnect with each other, reconnect means building pedigree tree.

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Reviews Review Policy. Update version 3. View details. Flag as inappropriate. See more. Shadow - Bring a Lost Dog Home. ShadowApp, PBC. Help find a lost dog by becoming a Shadow Volunteer. Tracey Gibson. OneBag helps you create custom packing lists for your upcoming trips. Resources for "Bird Watching" - species. Skiplan Lumiplan Montagne. Discover Japanese ski resorts with the free ski app. Khoj is an application where you will find all of your necessary contact numbers. BD Racing Pigeon Database.

Pigeon Pedigree Pro. Pedigree app for your pigeons. Easy Scan.Created with. Well what can we say about Aerts Brothers? These are top class fanciers who are broadly non-commercial. However lots of top class fanciers on the continent use the pigeons from Aerts Brothers in their family. They do that because they obviously are top class.

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We introduced 10; 7 of which were hens and put to the breeding loft and 3 cocks were put to test on the road. One cock took 1st Open Wolverhampton Federation against 3, birds. The other cock took good positions in the MCC and Federation. You may not have heard of Aerts Brothers because they are largely non-comercial; but they are exceptional.

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These fanciers are good friends with one another and as such you an often see each one influencing the birds of another. Lycett of Rugeley. Our Aerts pigeons are winning and breeding winners for other fanciers too. His father was a direct Aerts and his mother a Painter De Meyer.


We have been impressed with what the Aerts Brothers pigeons have offered us since their introduction in View more. We have a fantastic set of pigeons that have been bred that we can offer to the Fancy.

Only top class pigeons will be sent out and they will be closely related to LOTS of winners. Please get in touch if you are interested. We have all sorts of pigeons available. Follow Us Stay in touch with us on social media and find out more about what we do. Quick Links Quick Link One.

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